All cabinets in this kitchen are hand made locally in Ithaca, NY. We applied the painted finish, made from successive layers of clay and zero-VOC latex paints, distressed and sealed. The counter is black walnut and came from the slab wood that remained after milling the timbers for the structure of this house. The turtle mosaic was created by the owners’ son, inspired by a 175 million year old “turtle rock” we uncovered during excavation of the site. Both the mosaic, and the rock, now live on the island countertop. Lastly, the drainboard cabinet sits above the reclaimed sink and permits the hand washed dishes to drip directly back into the sink as they dry.
The center island includes a reduced height induction cooktop with open base to permit wheelchair access to the stove and the oven. The sink was similarly detailed.
Benson Kitchen
Italian tiles grace the jelly shelf
Painted base cabinets
walnut counter and cabs
turtle rock fossil
Turtle tile mosaic
Island front
One of several lowered counters
drain cupboard
Cab corner
Kitchen counter