1200 square feet, 1 bedroom, 2 office, 1 1/2 bath home plus sleeping loft. This small, high performance home for two professionals features both passive and active solar design, natural daylighting, open floor plan, RASTRA wall and SIP roof construction, reclaimed interior doors, radiant in-floor heating with wood stove supplement. The 4.1 kW photovoltaic array produces approximately 16% more electricity than the house utilizes, exporting nearly 2500 kWh to the grid annually. In 2007, the homeowners got paid $168.87 by NYSEG, enough to cover six weeks of propane usage. Total propane consumption for hot water, heating and cooking averages 41 gallons per month. While currently set up as a one bedroom home, it’s design can readily be adapted to three bedrooms.
Halliday-Floyd Residence
south elevation with 4.1 kW PV system
north elevation
raised wood stove for convenient storage
master bedroom
two of many
reclaimed doors
living from loft
loft looking west
loft looking east east
living room view to bedroom and loft
kitchen from loft