What is Balance Studio?
We are a design-build company.  Our services include designing and building small homes, interior design, kitchen design, renovations and consulting.  We design small homes and create personal interior spaces to suit the style and function of each client.  We find that our clients choose to live light on the earth and participate actively in the design and sometimes the execution of work.  They are people that are aware and concerned about indoor air quality, the overall impact of the building process on their land and the effects of building material choices on the environment in general. Our clients are willing to alter their decisions from conventional building practices and materials to more natural and green building technologies, materials and processes. Our clients believe, as we do, that a home should be nurturing, inspiring and responsible. The homes and kitchens that we design are a balance of materials, structure and building techniques that come together to create a sustainable home. Please see Green Homes or Green Kitchens for examples of our work.
For Balance Studio, sustainability means taking advantage of our natural resources (sun and/or wind for example) when siting our buildings, using reclaimed, recycled and renewable materials while building and, in the end, surrounding the occupants with natural, nontoxic, earth inspired materials so that the home they live in is personal and health supporting.  “Local” is very important to our process. It means creating spaces that favor the local economy over the global one. We collaborate with local engineers, architects, builders, rough and finish carpenters, and various other tradespeople throughout the process.  These people share our commitments to sustainability and, therefore, make it easier for us to all achieve these goals in the end. We work with clients through the design process and into the build process.  We manage the build process and budget from start to finish. Please visit Our Process for more about this.
Of course, every project involves some sort of compromise, be it budget, or time frame, or size or materials, or impact on the environment. Our job is to help you achieve the right balance for you. Hence, our name. We thought it sounded better than Compromise Studio, LLC. We hope you agree.
Green Homes and Kitchens